Scott Davidson Realty Team Event #1

Scott Davidson Realty Team Event #1

published on February 8, 2017 by Scott Davidson

The Davidson Realty Team realizes that everything in this business tends to happen in waves.  Follow me on this:  Scott finds someone who wants to sell or Diane finds someone who wants to buy.  Individually, they help this family get under contract.  Then, for the most part, the paperwork is handed off to Chandler or Melodie and the ball keeps rolling, but Scott and Diane begin to become a managing fixture.  During this time, Melodie or Chandler does most of the emailing and phone calling, due to the nature of the need at that time.  Then at the conclusion, when closing is scheduled, Diane or Scott finishes the sale and everyone is happy.  So during this process, the communication is heavy during the different stages with different team members, and that is OK.  But what we have noticed is that there is not a lot of "face time", once the house is under contract.  Therefore, we at the Davidson Realty Team, have decided to begin hosting several events during the calendar year so that we can spend a few minutes to chat, catch up and just say THANK YOU to our friends/clients (one and the same).  Soon we will be providing a complete list of the events we have coming up and the details you need, but to get started, here is the first one! Please come and say HELLO!!!!


March 14---Pi Day!!!!!  (Get it?!..........3.14?)  


We will be handing out pies to everyone that stops by our office. This will be a "pop-by", so please don't feel like it will take a lot of your time.  Just drop by after work or you pick up the kids from school, say hello, and take home a pie to your family.  Who wants to be the family hero that night for bringing home dessert?!?!?!?  I do!!!

Location:  303 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 100, Stockbridge, GA.  

Time: 3-7pm



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